OSP Group Photos- links to photos from 2015 to 1992 at Indian Trail site, and 1988 to 1991 at Steens Mountain

All photos except 1988 by Bruce Johnson



The 2015 Photo shoot was high-spirited, with just under 100 persons in attendance on a fine, sunny day with temperatures in the low 70s. Perfect. Official Star Party attendance was 660... Many thanks to my photo Assistants Chris Tribe and Janet Hughes, and special thanks to the owner who voluntered his Dob for our scope centerpiece!

The OSP 2014 Photo Shoot was really fun. We had 115 persons and 2 dogs in attendance. Many thanks to Chris Tribe, my Photo Assistant again this year....2014 was one of the very rare instances where I got included in the photo. 2014's overall attendance was about 540 persons.
2013 OSP. Attendance for 2013 was 570 persons, with 114 persons in the Group photo.
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OSP 2010 Group Photo: Due to the somewhat reduced overall star party attendance in 2010, caused by the Recession plus the scheduling overlap with the Table Mountain Star Party, the 2010 Group Photo contained a smaller number than usual-- 76 people and 1 dog. Still a really fun group of folks!
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OSP 2004 Group Photo
OSP 2003 Group Photo (900 attendees)
OSP 2002 Group Photo!
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