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117 sleep-deprived but cheery people joined us for the 19th Annual Group Photo during the mid-afternoon hours of Saturday, August 18, 2007.... This number included 10 young children, and there were at least 3 well-mannered astro dogs (see Linda G's two dogs in smaller image below).... The weather was better than in some past years, being sunny but actually rather mild in temperature. Official total Star Party attendance was 644 this year..... Featured in his favored "front and center" position is Bernie K., again this year wearing his flashy, tie-dyed OSP T-shirt! Just above him in the red Hawaiian shirt is Sean L. of Sean's Astronomy Shop. Jan Keiski. is wearing a blue shirt and a hat to Sean's upper left. Past OSP Directors Chuck and Judy Dethloff stand high in the far back, also sporting their flashy Committee tie dye shirts. Present Director Larry Godsey unfortunately isn't in this year's photo due to his other duties in the Main Tent area.

Our International OSP! To the left of Bernie is Carlos, one of our three special guests from Mendoza, Argentina, members of the GAMA observing group (see 2 images below; Carlos G. in the left image with the blue shirt, and Pepe G. and Leo C. in the right image (Pepe is the President of GAMA, and is the man in the black shirt on the left edge of picture, and Leo is in the tan hat on the right edge). I am told that Leo was the one who contacted Margaret C. when she put out a call for other astronomy clubs from around the world. And the rest is history! Above Carlos in the yellow cap is their friend, Bob McGown..... (Go back to main group picture above) The Argentinean's host Margaret C. is near Sean in a strong orange shirt, white hat and sunglasses. Past RCA President Dale Fenske is on Margaret's right.... Folks with other comments or identifications, please email me).


There has been only one year in OSP history when weather was so bad that no Group Photo was taken, and that was 1990 in the Steens. This year's weather was great for observing on bascially every night except the last one (Saturday), when high clouds moved in suddenly and there was some light rain by Sunday morning. Even this had a good side, which was that it instantly laid down the infamous OSP red dust and gave everyone the luxury of a cool, dust-free "breaking camp" experience! Overall, 2007 OSP featured more of the clear night-time skies that have been so characteristic of this site during the 15 years that we've used it!

We were glad to escape any close encounters with the series of forest/range fires that smoked up horizons this year, and once again we suffered no more than the normal summer fire restrictions, such as no barbeques.

Note: I have several interesting, additional 2007 webpages under development

Here is a link to the first one, named "Expresso and the Internet"

Here is one about OSP tickets and winning the Raffle!

Be sure to check back during October for more added content! This will include the first time I have published any of the UVB studies I have been doing up at OSP the past few years. For a preview, please visit my pages about UVB in Oregon, and sunburn risk in the tropics.

See the very first OSP Group Photo, 1988, on Steens Mountain

Please don't miss a new feature of the Group Photo Archives, which is that I am adding "close-up" sections to all the old Group Photos from 1999 to the present, and also will present a web version of the 1995 Group Photo for the first time (this is the one with John Dobson and Richard Berry in the front row)


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