OSP 2006

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176 stalwarts, and a dog braved typically hot, sunny mid-afternoon weather to appear for the 18th annual OSP Group Photo in 2006. Total attendance was somewhat over 700 persons this year. Featured in his favored seated "front and center" position is Bernie, with Jan to his right (both in those flashy tie-dyed OSP shirts)!

There has been only one year in OSP history when weather was so bad that no Group Photo was taken, and that was 1990 in the Steens. This year's weather was great for observing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, was basically warm-to-hot, and dry.... It was more of the clear night-time skies that have been so characteristic of this site during the 14 years that we've used it!

We were glad to escape the series of forest/range fires that clobbered the Steens this August, actually forcing road closure and evacuations of the areas where we formerly held the OSP! And we were very glad to escape a repeat performance of the uncomfortable monsoon weather that afflicted us in 2004.... Click this link for some technical descriptions and data about how the desert Southwest's monsoon season can on occasion mess up our viewing.

See the very first OSP Group Photo, 1988, on Steens Mountain


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