This year we had 758 people registered, but we had Mammatus. The cloud-watching was better than the star-watching.

See OSP 2000Look one half inch over to the left to see the actual mammatus structure emerging from the cloud baseGroup Photo Below

Mammatus clouds can precede the dropping of a tornado funnel, so are best watched with great caution. The telephoto view below shows us one of the gently curving mammatus forms beginning to descend from the base of a thunderhead, just to the west of our main telescope field. Luckily, nothing further developed, and our Group Photo was bathed in brillant sunshine.

click to play ....thunder rumbles!






OSP 2000 had some other thrills as well, such as...

Forest Fires!.. Please click! Includes the B and B Complex Fire of 2003

click here to see OSP 2000 Group Photo

The OSP 2000 Group Photo has turned out wonderfully, the faces of the participants exceptionally detailed.

Printed 8x10 Group Photos were available for distribution at the regular October RCA meeting, which was the third Monday, namely October 16th. A few extra prints may still be available for sale to those individuals who did not pre-purchase, please contact the main OSP website and ask Chuck Dethloff if any are still available.

See you next year!

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