OSP 2004-- Gloomy for the group photoOregon 
Star Party 2004 was plagued by a persistent monsoonal disturbance that was very unusual for the site.

129 stalwarts, and 2 dogs, braved uncertain weather to appear for the 16th annual OSP Group Photo in 2004. Total attendance was somewhat over 700 persons this year. Featured in the front row are famous mirror maker Steve Swayze squatting just to left of center, and Pat Lewis in red coat and shorts-- she's our famous Grand Prize double winner from 1994 and 1995. Outgoing OSP Director Chuck Dethloff is in the far back row, to the left of center in a tie-dyed OSP shirt.... In the history of OSP Group Photos, the 2004 picture ranks with the 2005 picture as the two cloudiest, grayest ones in the 14 years of being at our Ochocos site (updated as of 9/19/2006)

There has been only one year in OSP history when weather was so bad that no Group Photo was taken, and that was 1990 in the Steens. This year's weather, although poor for observing on both Friday and Saturday nights, was basically warm-to-hot, and dry except for a couple brief showers.... But, dang, everyone sure missed the usual clear night-time skies that have been so characteristic of this site during the 12 years that we've used it!

Actually, 2004 was unlucky enough to be under the influence of the same type of bad weather pattern that eventually drove us out of the Steens so many years ago.... Click this link for some technical descriptions and data about how the desert Southwest's monsoon season messed our viewing up so badly this year.

See the very first OSP Group Photo, 1988, on Steens Mountain


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