OSP 2010

The Year of the Pasted-In People!

The 2010 photo shoot was over, done with. I returned the Dethloff's aluminum ladder, and trudged back to my campsite with heavy tripod in the hot sun, thinking my on-site job was done. But, no, over the next 12 hours, several great people, even Committee members, approached me saying, "We listened, but we never heard the airhorn this year!" I relented, and staged some real antics in my digital darkroom this year! So, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU PASTED-IN PEOPLE--- enjoy this year's picture!

Group Photo 2010 was the first picture since OSP 1991 at Steens Mountain that Bruce had joined the picture! (in the long-sleeved white shirt)...Bruce was urged to get down off his ladder and join in by his "fan base." This resulted in a break-neck vault off the tall ladder and sprint across the sage, crazy stuff, but in the picture I manage to look so relaxed! Anyhow, I am very thankful. Also seen is my 14 year old son, who is in the sandals just to the right of the poodle. Bernie K. is of course in the picture, seen above my son's head, wearing his signature tie-dyed OSP T-shirt, and occupying his accustomed "seated up at the front" spot in the photo! If we gave an award for "Most Years Seen in the OSP Group Photo," I think Bernie would come in second, with first place probably being given to Chuck and Judy Dethloff.... If anyone has a different recollection, please contact me! (brucej@oregonphotos.com)

Mary's Chuck Wagon! Thank You!

Mary and her husband and crew have been with us since 1992, the very start of OSP at Indian Trail Springs! This year she consented to my taking her picture for the first time! She is such an amazing, modest person! I took the shot with my tiny cell phone camera! (picture of Mary at work) When she's not at OSP, Mary lives in nearby Prineville with her husband, who isn't in this picture, but is also always there helping every year.

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