OSP '99, Indian-themed, my personal favorite T-Shirt

Group Happy and very dusty and dirty amateur astronomers gather for the annual group photo in the warm sunshine Photo

There are 154 cheerful astronomers in this picture! Suggestion: Now go to the "Star Party History Section" and count up how many astronomers we had back in 1989!

Below you'll find a close-up of a few of the folks on the left side of the group; they are mostly OSP Committee members, and most sport the 1999 OSP T-shirt. As of 2007, this particular shirt with its Native American motifs remains my favorite. June 2009 Update on the shirt design! I discovered what appears to have been the inspiration for our 1999 T-shirt design at the Pendleton store in Washougal on a gorgeous Indian blanket. Click here for more! ...... Now, back to the Group photo: among those seen in this close-up are Bob McGown, OSP webmaster Dareth Murray, Joe Rottman, Rob Brown, and Jan Keiski, Librarian at RCA, with her walking cast in John's lap.. ..In the main picture above you can also find Craig Stott, whose quote from the early Steens Mountain OSP days is found in the 1988 coverage page (he's in the front center area).


Those living in the immediate Portland area picked up their Group Photo at the regular October Rose City Astronomer's (RCA) meeting on October 18th, 1999.

Thank you,

See you next year!

Bruce Johnson, your Group Photographer since 1989, and many more to come!


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