Oregon Star Party 2001 Group Photo, 164 joined our photo this year. Additional photos posted October 2008-see below

This year featured fine skies despite the region-wide major forest fire problems, and OSP operations and events ran smoothly. Pictured in the above group photo are the elusive Swayze brothers, who have escaped the group photos in numerous past years, but are seen this year, Steve on the right picture edge, and Bruce in the middle, second row, and also Daniel Swayze..... Also reappearing in this year's photo after an absence is a very sunburned Stan Seeburg, the guru of Sidewalk Astronomy in Vancouver 'lo these many years.....See who else you can pick out (hint: Pat Lewis, the "Lucky Lady" and past years' superlative amazing door prize winner can be found!). Your photographer was the lucky Grand Prize winner this year, winning a complete Celestron 8 inch SCT outfit, his first Raffle door prize winning in 13 yrs of attending! (click to see picture!).

My son, Davin, then only six, is pictured below with Daniel and Steve Swayze, who had been building a very sweet 6 inch Dob for him.

2001 also featured a return to some DUST DEVIL action. My son thought they were exciting, and pedalled toward them, rather than away from them. Luckily, most folks were already gone by the time these sprung up, but they did serve to remind me that our hilltop location in the hot suns of Eastern Oregon can be prone to develp such swirls, and I recalled one year a few years before 2001 when one sprung up over the north end of the main observing field. My memory is of a scope owner running toward his scope, just not quite in time to prevent the wind from knocking it over. He told me later that little damage was done to his homemade Dob, which had been well-wrapped-up at the time.


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