OSP 2014, Our 26th Annual Group Photo

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115 sleep-deprived but cheery people joined us for the 26th Annual Group Photo during the mid-afternoon hours of Saturday, August 23, 2014.... This number included about 10 children. There were at least 2 well-mannered astro dogs ... The weather was atypically cool, with clouds coming and going, 5-10mph winds, but no rain. Official total Star Party attendance according to Jim Todd was about 540 when you added in the 3 vans of Evergreen College students, back for their sixth year at OSP under the guidance of their Instructor Rebecca Chamberlain...... Featured in one of his favored "upfront" positions is Bernie K., again this year wearing his flashy, tie-dyed OSP T-shirt (on right side of group, with white jacket and cap).... Jan Keiski. is just over his shoulder, standing. Past OSP Directors Chuck and Judy Dethloff stand high in the far back. Next to the 8" dob up front on the right is Miranda Angell; her family has a very longtime OSP association; her father John Angell may be found in both the 1988 and 1989 Group Photos at Steens Mountain! See page bottom for this year's group photo close-up slice!

.... Folks with other comments or identifications, please email me) brucej@oregonphotos.com

There has been only one year in OSP history when weather was so bad that no Group Photo was taken, and that was 1990 in the Steens. 2014's weather was great for observing on the first few nights, but there were definitely only "partly cloudy" skies for Thursday and Friday nights.

We were glad to escape any close encounters with the forest/range fires that smoked up horizons over both Oregon and Washington during much of summer 2014, and once again we suffered no more than the normal summer fire restrictions, such as no barbeques.



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Be sure to check back during October for more added content! This will include the first time I have published any of the UVB studies I have been doing up at OSP the past few years (ultraviolet light intensity, aka sunburn danger).... Click here for a brief overview of OSP UVB, and for much more detail about the subject please visit my pages about UVB in Oregon, and sunburn risk in the tropics.

See the very first OSP Group Photo, 1988, on Steens Mountain in far southeastern Oregon

Please don't miss a new feature of the Group Photo Archives, which is that I am adding "close-up" sections to all the old Group Photos from 1999 to the present, and also will present a web version of the 1995 Group Photo for the first time (this is the one with John Dobson and Richard Berry in the front row)


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Our 2014 close-up is the front of the group after the group urged Group Photographer Bruce Johnson to get in the picture, for once!