OSP 2008, The Year of the Jedi!

I noticed two small Jedi Padawans battling it out in the dust to the west of my tent. Words were being flung into the wind as the lightsaber conflict raged that morning, "You're the stupidest Jedi! You suck at being a Jedi!" And more that I shouldn't repeat! I remembered my Burger King figurine of Mace Windu, one of the leaders of the Jedi Council famed for his patience and decisiveness. I dug through the mess in my car, and was amazed to find Mace. Later that day, my neighbor Lars H. loaned me a oozy rubber creature that his children had brought along. I thought it looked like a relative of Jabba the Hutt. Using a weathered Ponderosa branch, Lars' oldest daughter arranged a tableau for me on the hood of my car. We even put in a Lucas-Arts style blue screen as our backdrop! The scene was an instant hit, and for the next day, passerbys took pictures and had fun imagining why this creature seemed so intent on "owning" Mace! Meanwhile, the nearby Jedi battles had expanded to include more participants, some now armed with saber-like sticks. How the OSP dust flew! (see picture below)

Soon to come: "Campers of All Persuasions, a Photo Essay about the Variety of Ways We Make Our Homes At The Oregon Star Party." Be sure to check back after October 1st.


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