OSP 1995, The Year of John Dobson and Richard Berry

And Group Picture from 1994

OSP's fourth year at its new site in the Ochoco Mountains marked its rise to prominence as a nationally-known Star Party. In attendance were John Dobson and Richard Berry. In the image collage above, John is seen with the rose-tinted glasses in the leftmost image, while Richard Berry is in the image just to the right, wearing a gray sweatshirt. Dobson of course is justly famous as the inventor/popularizer of the Dobsonian telescope (click for pics of a classic Dob and for a story about John).....Richard Berry is former long-time editor of Astronomy Magazine. He is the author of numerous books. A recent one is "The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing (Hardcover) by Richard Berry (Author), James Burnell (Author) 2005.... Shortly before OSP 1995, Richard had published his seminal volume "CCD Camera Cookbook." The CCD Camera Cookbook: How to Build Your Own CCD Camera/Book and Disk (Paperback) by Richard Berry (Author), Veikko Kanto (Author), John Munger (Author) 1994...... And I should mention one of Richard's earliest books, 1985's "Build Your Own Telescope, Complete Plans for Five High Quality Telescopes That Anyone Can Build" (Hardcover) by Richard Berry (Author)......Amazon.com has dozens of listings for Richard's works, and can also sell you old issues of Astronomy Magazine from when he was editor there in the 1980s.

Other folks visible above are OSP founder/Director Chuck Dethloff in the tan brimmed hat. That is a very young looking Jan Keiski is in the white t-shirt (to the right of John Dobson in the group photo below).... Famous "Lucky Lady" Pat is in the straw hat (click for more about her). Chuck's wife Judy is in the black T-shirt about three people to the right of Chuck (she's next to Boyd Levet).

OSP's site for 1995 was again 5,000 foot high Indian Trail Springs (ITS). Below is the annual Group Photo. It featured 164 folks and two dogs. 22 of the picture participants were children. It was a hot Saturday afternoon. In the distance, one can see "LT" (Lightning Tree); it has been two years since it was blasted by 1993's lightning storm; it is still green but is dying. Click to see its skeleton in 2002.

Participants at Indian Trail OSP fairly routinely run into town (either Ochoco Reservoir or all the way into Prineville) when needed..... In the Group picture, Candace Pratt is kneeling on the right side in the second row near John Siple, who is standing tall in his gray shirt and wearing the tan brimmed hat that has been his trademark for many, many years! Joe Rottman anchors the left rear of the picture with his big Dobsonian scope. TV personality Boyd Levet and his daughter are in the center rear line near Bob McGown in the dark T-shirt on the ladder...Finally, Photographer Craig Stott is seen in the gray shirt near center; he is one of the true OSP "originals" from our Steens Mountain days, quoted here about OSP 1988.

OSP 1994

The 1994 Group Photo is still the second most-attended group photo, as of 2016. 233 people attended (about 35 of them children). If you look closely, you will see Lightning Tree just to the right of the towering Dob. The tree was struck by lightning just the year before, and one year later it was still mostly green and most of us hoped it would live. But by 1995, it was obvious that the lightning had ended its long life.


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