Oregon Star Party Prizes Get Better and Better!

my youngest son
shows off the Celestron Schmidt Cass that I won in 2001

Here my son and I are in front of the Sunriver Nature Center booth at OSP 2001. We still can't believe it. So many years of my winning "Nada," nothing at all, and suddenly I have won the 2001 Grand Prize, an entire Celestron SCT outfit. Now, you can bet that 2001 is a year I'm going to remember for many years to come. Thank you, OSP Gods, for smiling down on little old me.

OSP Ticket Time!

Tickets! Over the many years that I've attended the OSP, Lord only knows how much time I've spent digging around my tent, my clothing, my car searching for these dang little paper things that are the keys to Happiness at OSP. And each Saturday of the OSP experience, in the hot mid-afternoon hours, oh, the suspense, the Hope, the crushing disappointment as ones number is NOT CALLED, and that cherished raffle ticket bites the dust yet once again. "Curses, Nothing Won again!" So, what else is there to do? "I think I'll go have dinner, oh, Holy Jupiter, now where's that ticket?"





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