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We started having on-site Expresso sometime in the mid-Nineties. I can't remember whose sleep-deprived brainstorm it was originally, but after a few years of being spoiled by our own version of Starbuck's, few of us could even recall the rigorous and deprived days of yore, when we'd had to brew our own or go without.... 2007's coffee vendors were named "Expesso Blast" (see image). They were comprised of a friendly group of gals from Prineville, who had been recommended to us by our previous and much-loved vendor, Holli, of La' Ta's in Madras...... OSP Director Larry Godsey and I spent a fun half hour Saturday night at Expresso Blast, entertaining/educating the ladies and their youngster with a brillant green laser* and Pop quizes about the heavens. They were apt learners.

* Note: lasers are forbidden at OSP, except to OSP staff performing certain educational functions, such as Dave Powell's star talks. Saturday night was totally clouded over and we were certain that there was no observing whatsoever occurring. In fact, there was a MOVIE being shown in the Main Tent--- starring Tim Allen in the feature film "Galaxy Quest," a fun and very ironic choice since that night there was certainly no "galaxy questing" going on out on the main observing field!


I guess it was to be expected. A convention of hundreds of very techologically sophisticated people meeting at a primitive, remote site could not live long without email and THE INTERNET. So, since 2003, along with Expresso stands and mobile Showers, the OSP has had a solar-powered, mobile ISP named "Nomad." During OSP 2007, on Saturday night, Nomad staff even hosted a video web conference to our Argentinean's home base in Argentina..... So, throw away those struggling digital cell phones and call home on the crystal clear phone attached to the outside wall of the Nomad trailer-- for only $2 experience the luxury of a long phone call home!


Soon to come: "Campers of All Persuasions, a Photo Essay about the Variety of Ways We Make Our Homes At The Oregon Star Party." Be sure to check back after September 30th or so! Below are the first images from that photo essay.



"From Big to Little, All Manner of Homes Come to Roost on OSP's High Praries." I was just fascinated with the creativity of using the ruggedness and power of a semi-truck to get ones trailer up to OSP!

Second image portrays an OSP camping option that makes a lot of sense to me: to rent an RV unit for OSP use rather than try to own and maintain one all year! Click here to continue to more images of "Camping at OSP" essay.




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