OSP 1999 Panorama of Indian Trail Springs Site . .Now Added! New Panorama from 2009 OSP!

Oregon Star Party 1999 had 600 participants and excellent weather

Use your scrolling arrows or bar on the bottom of screen to revolve the image through 360 degrees. Have Fun! The left edge of the image is aproximately Northeast. Our elevation is 5,020 ft. This panorama was taken about 3pm in the afternoon. The large white Meeting Tent marks approximate due South. Barely visible in that direction is the University of Oregon's Pine Mountain Observatory some 45 air miles away (click for more on PMO)....The two highest points near OSP are both visible-- to the west is the long mass of Lookout Mountain at just under 7,000 ft; and to the north (just over the top of the outhouse on the road Y) is the similarly long bulk of Mt. Pisgah, which is just under 6,900 ft. Here's an Interesting Fact in OSP History--- during 1992 the upper reaches of Mt. Pisgah were explored and considered as an OSP site; there is a fantastic south-facing meadow at about 6,650 ft., but it was judged too small, and the roads are terrible (click for pictures!).....The dusty shoes on top of Chuck and Judy's motor home are mine, I took them off so I wouldn't stick a foot through their ceiling while I loaded up their rooftop with cameras and tripods and captured this panorama. Thank you, Chuck and Judy!

Wes Stone, a longtime OSP observer, sent this about sleeping out under the stars. I liked it, and so I post it for all to enjoy:

"So he slept on a mountain.
In a sleeping bag underneath the stars
he would lie awake and count them.
And the gray fountain spray of the great Milky Way
would never let him die alone."

-- Jeff Tweedy's words, from the song "Hummingbird" by the band

Wes Stone
Chiloquin, OR


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