Wyoming's Magnificent Teton Range

Death Canyon Shelf
in the southerly portion of the Grand Teton National Park is closer to Jackson Hole Ski AreasThe ragged Teton range springs unbelievably far into the Western sky. It's no wonder that the Mountain Men favored the Teton area for their annual rendezvous. Topping out at nearly 14,000 feet, the Tetons are a true alpinist's playground. There aren't many areas in the US which have the combination of features to justify a European-style resident Guide Service, but the Tetons has the famous Exum Guide Service, as well as the concession run by the American Alpine Club called Grand Teton Climber's Ranch...Pre-World War II, famous climber Paul Petzoldt led the newly-married Roy Holubar up the Grand Teton, and during the Post World War II period, many famous climbers hung out in the Tetons, among them Yvon Chouinard (catalog cover= "Paul Petzoldt Wilerness Equipment, Summer 1975")

In the big image, we're looking south, up Death Canyon, with Death Canyon Shelf on the right. A trail from Heaven itself winds along this shelf, you wade through wildflowers and listen to Marmots and pikas as you dream along in your lazy walk. Far below, if the wind is just right and you pause to listen, you can hear the wild creek far below in the canyon. The quiet is sublime, but, look, into the sky above, and be well aware of big thunderheads developing. By late afternoon this exposed shelf could get excitingly dangerous! In the picture below, I am basking atop Symmetry Spire, looking across Cascade Canyon at the Grand Teton towering more than 3,000 ft. higher than I am. This is an old picture, look at the Goldline rope under my head!

See nearby Buck Mountain from Alaska Basin at sunset.. Meet Marmots

See exotic vision of Schoolroom Glacier and more Death Canyon Shelf

Flower Paradise in the Tetons


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