Near Grand Teton, Wyoming

see the prominent
terminal moraine on the lake's left side

This is my personal vision of Schoolroom Glacier, just south of the magnificent spire of Grand Teton. The trail skirts right next to the near side of the glacier in this image. When the trail is still snow-covered in early summer, this can be a hair-raising stretch of trail because it is steep, and a slip on hard, icy spring snow could take you on a nasty ride..... The lake is unnamed on the maps. You are descending into South Fork Cascade Canyon from Hurricane Pass, elev. 10,372 ft. The air is thin and the wind often raging at the Pass.... Rarely does summer's warmth reach this north-facing spot, even though the high canyons below may be quite balmy. Sadly, this glacier has shrunk considerably since I first walked by it around 1970. Below you will find an image of Grand Teton, at nearly 14,000 ft, the Range's highest peak. It is a climb to be done with great respect, and probably under the care of a professional guide service.

Below is another image from along the Death Canyon Shelf, which lies in the area of the range south of the Grand Teton. The trail along the Shelf is one of my absolute mountain favorites among the great high mountain walks of America.


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