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History of Gear: Rivendell /Jensen, pg. 4 of 5, The New Rivendell workshop 2006

RMW is the shorthand used by company insiders

What's that strange wheeled tool? A former RMW Elf exclaimed, "Wow! A most memorable tool that I spent many hours guiding around the masonite templates that helped create the Bombshelter.. I can still smell the acrid fumes of melting nylon that wafted along the path. If you rolled it along too quickly, the cloth wasn't cut all the way through. If you dallied too long, the heat would concentrate at one point and melt beyond the proper outline. It was a tricky and slow way to cut out a tent, but it was the best way to achieve the melted, sealed-edge philosophy that was an integral part of the Bombshelter's unique design." -- received from "Former Elf," Tim Shropshire, the former manager of Rivendell tent production circa 1975.... Shown in this recent image from Eric Hardee's shop is the original Rivendell hot cutting tool. This is the same tool shown in the early 70's Rivendell catalog behind it! This seeming antique does a great job for Eric in creating strong, ravel-free seams in his custom Jensen packs. So what if it looks like some strange pizza-cutter!---

Elves: As in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" tales of Middle Earth, there were "Elves" in Rivendell, and even a "First Annual Elf Roundup" in 1975 at Larry Horton's farmhouse complete with a "Billy Beer" that Bilbo Baggins of the Shire would have been proud to drink (I may post details about this at some point in the future). In the meantime, it seems clear to me that in these modern times Eric Hardee (see image) has become an Elf of the highest order, perhaps even the Elrond of his new Rivendell Mountain Works Kingdom. And I suspect that Don Wittenberger should also be graced with an elven title. See page bottom for Don's picture and Elfen name.

2006 and this classic old sewing machine from the original Riv. shop in Victor, Idaho is still stitching up a storm. If one looks carefully, they note that this machine is equipped with specialized modifications that allow it to sew the unique, barbell-shaped leather attachment points onto Jensen packs. It is for sure that "the other" Larry (Elf Larry Peterson) used this very machine in the sewing of the largest of the Jensen packs, the Dr. Expando.

In 2006, the Rivendell Eagle has dusted off its feathers and taken flight again! The good news for modern hikers is that Eric Hardee is producing original Rivendell/Jensen packs on a custom-order basis. Click here for more information.

Cover of early 70s classic Rivendell catalog featuring Lord of the Rings bird hero Gwaihir Windlord, as seen in THE HOBBIT movie released in December 2012. In my possession is an original RMW poster depicting the Windlord, just like the catalog cover below, but much larger... Bet you wish you had it!


Click here for a look at Don Jensen.

Below is a picture sent to me recently by Tim Shropshire from the late 1980s. He tells me that he was inspired by Colin Fletcher to take a "Walk Through Time" in the Grand Canyon. Tim was even equipped with a Fletcher-inspired wooden hiking staff, which he still has to this day.


GEAR ALERT: Rivendell/Jensen packs are still available on a custom basis (see page bottom).


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High in the misty Cascade mountains, the dream of Rivendell lived on for many years. Eric Hardee and Don Wittenberger have been "Keepers of the Flame." Eric has had legal use (via Don Wittenberger) of the authentic Rivendell pack blueprints and has been sewing/selling custom Jensen/Rivendell packs via word of mouth advertising for many years.... Eric can sew up a gorgeous original Jensen or Giant Jensen for you--- Contact him! He is a true lover of this pack. His email is ewak3@juno.com. Tell him that you heard about him from Bruce at OregonPhotos.com. ... Eric has a fine Rivendell pack website, see Eric's own Rivendell website.

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Don Wittenberger and a giant "Muskie."

Don's Elfen name is "Fisher"


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