The Scenic Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast brings to mind children, dogs and family times.

Then there is the Wind! And that, of course, means Kite Flying. Click the link to visit my old friend Steve Lamb's kite shop on the Oregon Coast--- Catch the Wind Kite Shops, first headquarted in Lincoln City in 1979, hit hard by the Recession, downsized but still in action and with internet sales, too. ...

In 1978 my old High School friend Steve Lamb and I were sharing a house in arid, sun-baked Bend, Oregon, a decidedly un-Coastal kind of place. Steve had just finished a job that had involved the beginning of the Oregon High Desert Museum and was casting about for something else to do with his life.Inside Catch the Wind Main Shop in Lincoln City, Oregon He began to talk about the Coast and kite flying. I believed he'd gone a little nuts, and I sure didn't want to leave my beloved desert, so I stayed behind. Steve has gone on to create a thriving business and a distinct cultural addition to our State.

And Steve gets a History of Gear award for introducing the kite world to Dyneema kite string: stronger and with a unique property making it much safer if your kite is hit by lightning or runs into a live electrical wire. Steve did the research and made the manufacturing arrangements and made it all happen in 1986.

Congratulations, Steve. L

n City, Oregon tourist attractions

Below you'll find links to a potpourri of images that I've taken along the Oregon Coast, extending down to Crescent City in California. One of these days I'll also get around to digitizing some unique images I have of the big sand dunes near Florence. The extreme southern part of the Oregon Coast is quite unique-- see my Oregon Climate pages for a discussion about the amazing wintertime warmth that the extreme southern area of the Oregon Coast can bask in while the entire rest of Oregon shivers. Click for "The Brookings Effect" and find out why the Brookings Chamber of Commerce brags about the town being "The Home of Winter Flowers."


Visit Depoe Bay near Newport

See the Wreck of the Peter Iredale

Sea Lions Dying of Disease 2004

Visit Beverly Beach State Park sands

Ancient Spruce Rooting

Crescent City Lighthouse

Beach Stones and Cliffs

If you love books about Oregon's pioneer history, here is my top choice: "Trask" It's by Don Berry (1932-2001) a graduate of Reed College, where he was a roommate with reknowned poet Gary Synder.. The book was written in 1960, well before the modern environmental movement, and well before Wounded Knee, yet the book's sensibilites presage both movements in a historical fiction format set on the Northern Oregon Coast. Berry's "Trask," "Moontrap, and two other similar works have been recently re-printed in great new editions by OSU Press, Corvallis.

And if you love oceans, Please be sure to check out our Hawaiian site





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