this lighthouse is near Arcata and Eureka and Crescent City, on the northern California Coast near the Oregon Border and Brookings

Here's a classic North Pacific kind of lighthouse. It's near Point St. George in Crescent City, California. As is typical for this part of the World, it's cold, foggy, and windy.... What time of day is it? With the thick, never-ending fogs, it's difficult to tell. What time of year is it? Again, conditions here really vary little throughout the year--- it's rare for it to ever snow or frost, and equally rare for it to ever go as high as 80 degrees even in mid-summer--- that's why the redwood trees thrive nearby. Look closely, and you'll see the lighthouse keeper in a white hat and green slicker, out for a walk on his precipitous lawn! Below is an artistic impression of a lighthouse by Janet Hughes aka Planet Janet.


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