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Sports Photography of Bruce B. Johnson, South Puget Sound, WA (soccer is my love)

General Picture Improvement services, eg. important family events photos

Essays and pictures about the Pioneers of the Outdoor Gear Revolution, 1945 to the Present, 45+ pages, five published books, and always expanding!

Wildlife Photography of Bruce B. Johnson

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Ultra-Macro cordura fabric image made for Western Mountaineering catalog

images below made for eBay sellers and customers

Above, a hand-wrought copper boiler from Turkey, antique

1890 First Edition of classic Henry M. Stanley Book

12 inch Turkish cooper plate, tinned on upper surface, probably antique

Very old Japanese Tea Sea in fully-outfitted wooden cabinet

HISTORY OF GEAR BOOKS by Bruce B. Johnson.

My Book about Frostline Kits of Colorado was my first, in 2009. I have continued to write since then. As of mid 2020, there are now ten titles, five of them specifically about the history of outdoor gear. Click for my ten books.

My third book took on the history of one of the greatest of the classic gear companies, Holubar of Colorado. It has been enthusiastically embraced by those "in the know" about classic gear. It was honored at Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado as one of the year's best "Local History" products in 2010.


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