As of 2023, I have published a total of ten books, all either directly or indirectly about outdoor themes. Five of the books are specifically about the history of outdoor gear. Book descriptions are accessed below the picture.


From top left to lower right, in order: Frostline Kits of Colorado ----- GERRY, To Live in the Mountains ----- The Misadventures of a Wannabe Draft Dodger in Europe ----- Dawning and Other Outdoor Adventure Stories ----- Holubar Mountaineering Ltd ----- MSR, Defying Tradition ----- Stephenson's Warmlite, Still Controversial After All These Years, 6x9 b&w ----- SAAB Boneyard (vintage Saab automobiles) ----- Stephenson's Warmlite, 8x10 full-color version with much more content ----- The Dome (Washington's State Capitol). ---- For clearer cover pictures, please scroll down toward page bottom; Note that some of the pictures there are showing both the front and back covers; eg. GERRY, eg. Warmlite.

The books on the left side of the above image are all 8x10 full-color, with premium papers and bindings. The books on the right side are mostly 6x9 color "trade" books and are much less expensive. The Dome is a 6x6. And the 6x9 Warmlite book is in b&w.

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The following are links to my publisher for each book. There you can order the books and view detailed previews of each book.



The Misadventures...




Stephensons Warmlite 6x9 b&w

SAAB Boneyard

Stephenson's Warmlite 8x10 full color

The Dome

THE ANSWER by Robinson Jeffers, a poem from the depths of the American Depression so relevant to what's happening right now.

Latest book: UCO, the candle lantern company, 150 pages, very high quality, many graphics.


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Please Note that eight of the above print books are available as high quality PDFs, directly from me as downloads for $15 each. Some are also available as eBooks.


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