OregonPhotos Custom Order Form: Prices and Ordering

Here is the basic ordering process: locate your desired images in our Thumbnails Gallery. Write down their listed titles carefully, just as shown in the Web Gallery. If the image isn't in the Web Gallery, it might be for sale on a special order basis (Please email).... Please be aware that I do not routinely stock all of the images shown, and if your desired image is not among those on hand, it will take 2-3 weeks to deliver your image.

On-Line ordering with your credit card? Sorry, I am still in the "Dark Ages" in that respect. The complexity of custom prints prohibits a simple "Shopping Cart" approach to what I do here. I do, however, use PayPal services. Prices for some of the standard sizes will be found near the bottom of this page.

For your questions, please begin by using my E-Mailer below: (brucej@Oregonphotos.com)

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Below is an example of a digitally-composited print. The sources for the print included: top, an image of a mountain sunset in the Wind River Range of Wyoming (Big Sandy Lake); and bottom, an image looking down into the waters of Crater Lake, in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon (click link for more on Crater Lake).


Digital prints from digital files.* OregonPhotos can provide you images which are either "honest" to the original negatives or slides, or, as in the "Wind Rivers-Crater Lake" image above, quite radically retouched and composited. Custom Composite Photographs can also be produced utilizing Your original slide, negative, or digital file (I maintain a high-quality Nikon 35mm film scanner). Please e-mail for details. You can read more about this service at the other place on my site:


Please read this Disclaimer: although my computer monitor has been carefully calibrated to accurately display the true colors of the finished prints of "Kalalau Rainbow" and the other images on the OregonPhotos website, YOUR monitor is most likely not exactly calibated to mine and the differences in color, density, etc. may be small and of no significance, or they might occasionally be major..... Although most people do not experience a problem in this regard, if you are in doubt, it is best to communicate with me before ordering as there are good ways to resolve this issue......Thank you.

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