Astro Gear for Sale by (2020)

Note: I will be happy to email pictures of any of the gear listed below, but space limitation here prevent listing full pics with each item.

Binoculars : I have several pair for sale, which range from compacts to full-size (50mm objectives)..... Please inquire.

Telescopes and Accessories: (2021). I have a 6" F8 custom Springsonian Dob for sale. Also an intriquing Celestron Cometron 76mm mini Dob, also possibly a 4" Explore Scientific 102 ED APO. Also a 6" Meade Schmidt-Cass, LXD-75. Some eyepieces also, in 1.25" and 2"..... The Telrad finder, click for its history of invention and use. In picture of two telescopes, see the black Telrads mounted on each scope.INQUIRE.....


Example of an item Sold here. I had a really nice, professionally refurbished classic refractor for sale. It was a Tasco 76mm, on a great-looking EQ mount with classy wood legs and full wooden foot locker for storage... It dated from the 60's, had excellent optics and 80-90% refurbished (professional optical refurbishment was complete).



I have other Items for Sale, including camera gear such as a Nikon D50 with lens, charger, filters, great case, and in good shape. Also have general photographic miscellany like a Golden Navitar projector lens and a military 50mm elbow telescope with the rare coated objective lens (50mm): Previously sold: my Zeiss twin-lens reflex 120 film camera-- it's the camera I used for years to take the annual OSP Group Photo). SOLD.

Sales: business is transacted via your email; also, if you are local to the Willamette Valley area of Western Oregon, or the Puget Sound area of Washington, we can probably do business in person. See below: is me!

I now live in Olympia, WA, so am rarely seen anymore at the monthly RCA meetings. I do, however, always attend the OSP and could bring items there for inspection/sale.

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