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Plus a link to RCA Club member Sean League and his Sean's Astronomy Shop in Battleground, WA (see bottom of page)

Note: I will be happy to email pictures of any of the gear listed below, but space limitation here prevent listing full pics with each item.

Binoculars (2014): I have several pair for sale, which range from compacts to full-size (50mm objectives)..... Please inquire.

Telescopes and Accessories: (2014). I have one 4.5 inch Cat and one 6" F8 custom Dob possibly for sale. Inquire.

Example of an item Sold here. I had a really nice, professionally refurbished classic refractor for sale. It was a Tasco 76mm, on a great-looking EQ mount with classy wood legs and full wooden foot locker for storage... It dated from the 60's, had excellent optics and 80-90% refurbished (professional optical refurbishment was complete).





Other Items for Sale, including camera gear and general miscellany: Sold; more will be posted when I acquire more! (summer 2009, my Zeiss twin-lens reflex 120 film camera is now for sale for $100, it shoots in 6x6 format-- it's the camera I used for years to take the annual OSP Group Photo). SOLD.

Sales: business is transacted via your email; also, if you are local to the Willamette Valley area of Western Oregon, or the Puget Sound area of Washington, we can probably do business in person. See below:

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See a wide selection of the merchandise in person at most monthly RCA meetings.

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