OSP 2016

Group Photo

There are 118 cheerful astronomers in this picture! Suggestion: Now go to the "Star Party History Section" and count up how many astronomers we had back in 1989!

Below you'll find a close-up of some of the folks in the back-center of the group. Among those seen in this close-up are ex-Director and Star Talk host Dave Powell; near him Janet Hughes in the orange cap; further to the right, near Jeff Henning and photographer John Foster is Candace Pratt, for oh so many years now the main force behind all those wonderful prizes that get given away at the end of each OSP. My old friend Brian Richardson is hatless with a sun-burned nose and a blue t-shirt; I sold my famous John Dobson-inscribed Big Red Dob to Brian many years ago and now it resides in the RCA scope library..There are others in the picture whose names I am not sure about, so I won't mis-name or misspell them!


Friday night's sunset was spectacular, with darkness and lightning off in the SE quadrant, while a thin line of the western horizon was lit with heavenly colors at the same time!

See you next year for the big Solar Eclipse!

Bruce Johnson, your Group Photographer since 1989, and many more to come!


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