OSP 2000 Group Photo

View looking east toward the Strawberry Mountains near John Day, Oregon

Despite this year's truly challenging weather, the OSP Group 2000 photo shows 159 very dedicated astronomers still with us late Saturday afternoon. If you add in me and my son high on our photographic ladder, 161 persons showed up for this year's Group Photo.

8x10 enlargements of the above GROUP PHOTO were distributed to those who pre-purchased them at the October RCA general meeting in Portland. The detail in people's faces is truly astonishing in the 8x10s; even folks in the back rows are quite easily distinguished!

Not everyone thought this Davin Johnson loves his
Hot Wheels cars especially when it is wonderful OSP mud year's mud was a drag!

Those are Joe Sunseri's wet feet showing! He's one of OSP's most loyal vendors, with us to the end, come rain or shine. Thanks, Joe!

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