Mt. Jefferson from Detroit Lake. This image is for sale as a Chromira custom print, see below.

This was a quietly beautiful late winter day at Detroit Lake. Unlike Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson's rugged west side is quite difficult to see from most Western Oregon locations, and many who live in the Willamette Valley don't realize how magnificent Oregon' s second-highest mountain can be! The mountain rises brillantly in the winter sky while pale tendrils of blue wood smoke drift over the mostly empty expanse of Detroit Lake reservoir..... I am offering this scene for sale as a custom Chromira print in sizes from 8x12 up to 13x20 inches.

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Click here to learn about the Milk Creek flood event of late 2006 (Milk Creek's headwaters are just around the right- hand edge of the peak, in the image above

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Below you'll see a link to a daytime picture of Oregon's highest-- and most easily visible-- peak, Mt. Hood, on a brillant mid-winter day, Mt. Hood shining!

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