Woodburn Drag Strip

How can I deny it? Me, a landscape photographer and lover of the quiet of remote desert and mountain places, yet here I was at a dragstrip with bright orange earplugs in my ears! Maybe I was inspired by my subscription to Road and Track magazine? Anyway, there I was! The throbbing rumbles and screams of the racing motors were viscreal. I could tell that the smells of the racetrack in their own way were part of the experience that one could get to love. The long lines of the varied cars and racing motorcycles waiting patiently for their turns at time trials. 150 mph on motorcycles in the quarter mile was a feat I found most remarkable! Road & Track magazine. Car & Driver magazine.

a Chevy
muscle car, I believe a Chevelle Malibu, burning lots of rubber at the starting line

Since its humble beginnings in 1961, the Woodburn track has grown in size and stature, eg. since 1972, it has been named NHRA "Track of the Year" on several occasions, including five times in a row since 1999. In addition, it's been named "Business of the Year" by its local Chamber of Commerce (Woodburn Chamber of Commerce), which is not an honor one might think a "dragstrip" might be capable of receiving. Here's the link to the Woodburn track's extensive and well-done website: http://www.woodburndragstrip.com


Portland International Raceway is the Upper Willamette Valley's second major racing destination. It is commonly called simply "PIR" (click for link).

Pat's Acres is the area's third major racing destination. Here we find shifter cart racing that draws major races from far outside Oregon's borders. (click for link)

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Below you'll see a link to a daytime picture of the scene shown above-- on a brillant mid-winter day, with Mt. Hood shining!

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