A Snowy Spring Day at Government Camp

The big flakes pelted down at Government Camp, high on Oregon's Mt. Hood. The view marched into obscurity. Sounds were soft and muted. I felt that fresh sense and a calm descend upon me. Nearby were warmth and comfort if I needed them. The Huckleberry Inn*, Govy General Store, the Bakery above the Ratskeller, Mt. Hood Brewing Company, and of course the classic ski venues like Valians Ski Shop. And don't forget to "Ski the Glade," which runs from Timberline Lodge at 6000 feet all the way down to Government Camp at 4000 feet. The route is highly historic, created by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the original Timberline Lodge complex in 1937.

Reading Resource about the history of the Mt. Hood area and the Mountain itself-- "Mount Hood, A Complete History," by Jack Grauer, copyright 1975, 300 pages, format is 8 1/2 x 11 inches softbound. Book Advisors included Northwest luminaries like Nicholas Dodge, Dr. Cameron Bangs, Fred Beckey, Ed Johann, Richard Kohnstamm, Laurita Leuthold, Donald Onthank, and a long list of others. Highly recommended, highly illustrated and comprehensive. This book does not note a publisher; it may be difficult to find, but certainly either the main Portland downtown library and the Mazamas Club library would have it.........A much earlier resource is the classic work by Fred McNeil in 1937, "WyEast, the Mountain." I took the image below; it's my own favorite of Mt Hood, displaying the quiet mystery that can descend on this peak. It's an early January picture taken as a strong alpenglow burst through the gloom at the very end of a bitingly cold sunset next to Silcox Hut.

Above Government Camp, Always, Rises THE MOUNTAIN

Cliff and Judy Burbank's Govy General Store


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* Huckleberry Inn, started by Dub Rogers in about 1966.