Panorama of the author's astronomy land

You''ll find my personal land perched near the rim of the Crooked River canyon, and thus dubbed "Canyonland." ..It's located some 30 miles southwest of the OSP site. The moderate 3,600 ft. elevation at Canyonland offers year-around usefulness, and the recent contruction of the upscale Dry Canyon Airpark just 5 miles away gives swift access for astronomers all over the Northwest! Paved roads have also been improved, and pavement now reaches to within 1.5 miles of the land. Picture below taken in 2005.

CanyonLand is only a few miles from Dry Canyon Airpark, and offers very dark Central Oregon skiies for astronomy

The treetop view above spans from Southeast to East to South and ends looking Westward. Oregon's premier downhill ski mountain, Mt. Bachelor, is the first major snow-capped thing visible near the center of this panorama. The other peaks visible, in order from Mt. Bachelor, are Broken Top, South Sister, and the white tip of Middle Sister..... South Sister is the highest, at 10,354 ft. ........In the middle portion of the picture, the University of Oregon's Pine Mountain Observatory at 6,400 ft. just peeks over the edge of Horse Ridge. ................. Rainfall on our dry plateau land at 3,600 ft. is appoximately 10 inches per year, nearly all of it in the period from November to May....... Hey, you "Oregon Ducks" out there reading this, are you tired of the rain yet in your city? Undeveloped Land like this is still available around Prineville, and its inexpensive!

Anyone who has visited the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference (RTMC) near Los Angeles, CA will note a general similarity in the aspect of the terrain and climate which makes for great seeing conditions for astronomy-and for Flying Saucers, too!

US Naval Obervatory Master time clock for the U.S.A., please click here to access super-accurate time!

Click here for a spectacular view of moonrise from the canyon just half a mile west of Canyonland! See the South Fork of Crooked River Canyon


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