The Mighty Zeiss 25x100 Binocular-- Every binocular astronomer dreams of such a pair of Heaven-Grabbers!

Late WW II Zeiss

Alas and alack (as in a "lack of money")..... these rare collectibles sell for well over $6,000 (notice the coated optics, an innovation at the time, and found only in a few high-end military optics from Leitz and Zeiss.

The Zeiss Starmorbi




Made in 1924, here is a truly vintage classic Zeiss, the "Starmorbi."

It's from an distant era of handbuilt optics that we have lost. The Starmorbi is a "turret" binocular, with three highly usable magnifications available at a mere twist of the fingers. First, a luscious 12 power with a 5mm exit pupil. Then a 24x that starts to hint at the rings of Saturn, and finally a sweet 42 power that does show the equatorial bands of Jupiter and Saturn's rings. They are heavy, they are lengthy, with long focal length 60mm objectives-- uncoated, as everything was in 1924. These are so solid that they will probably last another 90 years!


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