Mt. Hood. "Silver Clouds Below"

Timberline Lodge, Purple Lupine and Silver Clouds

Another of those days on The Mountain, like a dream. I'm aloft, in the clear air, while the lowlands endure dullness and confusion beneath those brillant, silvery clouds. I feel a familiar reluctance to return to my home in the lowlands.

Hiker at 6,200 ft. along the PCT

The cloudless image below was taken the same afternoon as the one at page top, but this view is upwards toward the summit rather than downwards toward the cloud-filled valleys! The Pacific Crest Trail cuts across the slope just 150 ft. beyond this point. Shall we hike south to the Sierras, or north to Canada?

In the dank, crowded valleys and lowlands, it's easy to fall into feeling dazed and confused.

Please pause for a moment and enjoy the music before you surf off! ..... Below find a picture of me camped on the other side of the mountain at one of my favorite (and secret) places. It's right beside one of the glaciers, and very high elevation:


* Timberline Lodge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930's, a massive labor of love. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated it in the summer of 1937. Since that time, over 30 million visitors have passed through its sturdy stone passages and slept in its beds. It's a big name on the National Historic Register.


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