Rovers and Zing Wing Flyers at OSP 2005

This year Rob Brown was standing in for race originator Dan Peterson. That's my son's right foot in the picture, alongside the "Mars Rover." . This picture was taken by a $7 disposable camera, and I love to include it to illustrate that expensive digital cameras are not always necessary-- results always boil down to the eye and mind of the photographer, which together act to imagine an image worth bringing into being....Space Artist Hulan Fleming or Space Artist John Foster ought to paint a fantastic rover/zing wing space combat scene sometime. I bet it would sell. Below you will see two images of my son launching "Zing Wings." These are elegant flying creations in the sense that Mel Bartels might describe-- perfectly stripped down to the essential details of form and structure to suit them for the difficult and hazardous conditions they encounter at the OSP. They fly long and far, yet are nearly immune to the rigors of crash landing on the brutal surfaces characterizing OSP. A vendor is usually on-site selling them each year, or order from their website.

Picture Sales-- Current Year and Historical

I've spent a lot of time in Portland at Digicraft, using a professional scanner and computer during the past year, and can now offer Group Photos for each and every year, from 1988-1991 in the Steens, to 1992-2010 in the Ochocos at our Indian Trail Springs site.

ALERT. I have recently created a substitute 8x10 Group Photo for 1990. Although no true, staged Group photo took place that year due to the atrocious rainy, cold weather, the fact remains that I was in attendance, and I did have a camera, and I did take various pictures. My effort is posted as of October 21st. Like all the past 21 years' worth of the Group Photos, it can be ordered from me as an 8x10, or larger, print.

See the very first OSP Group Photo, 1988, on Steens Mountain

Visit Indian Trail Springs on a short hike that we took this year

Come back to OSP!

Enjoy the music, it's Steve Miller's "Space Cowboy," pretty fitting to our chosen location in an area of the U.S.A where cowboys are still alive and well.


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