OSP 1992. Our first year in the Ochocos Mountains is a big success! (Followed by Group Photo from 1993, taken from same spot)

Our first year at our new site in the Occhoco Mountains east of Prineville was an unqualified success-- wow, we had superb weather and great skies, and no scarey Steens thunderstorms, lightning or rain! There are 193 blissful people and two dogs in this, our first Group Photo from our new site. "Rob's Tree" provides the perfect picture backdrop....The two dedicated folks who found this site are seated on the left side of the picture-- Gary and Carolyn Strong and their poddle Tycho....... Rob Brown, unicyclist, is on the far right; the Tree was named after him..... Many other famous OSP personages are also visible, like Jim Girard on the far left, kneeling, with long-time OSP Director Chuck Dethloff and his wife just right of Jim...... Those who might want to order an enlargement of the above, please be aware that I also took some telephoto shots of various portions of the crowd, and if you were in them, that may be the version you'd like enlarged since the "people detail" is much better. ...Below I've added two ultra-close-ups from the image above-- these are not the telephoto images I referred to, but do show a few of the key personalities of that time: Image one shows Gary and Carolyn Strong and their dog Tycho; they are the folks who discovered our site. The second image is of Pat Lewis (black T-shirt and straw hat); she was referred to on the previous page as OSP's "Lucky Lady," the only one in OSP history to win two Grand Prizes, and in consecutive years! Pat came regularly to OSP until I think 2006, which I think was the first one she missed.


OSP HIKING: 1992 was the year when I was not only Group Photographer, but also the "out-of-camp" hiking director. Here follows the text from the one-page handout in the 1992 Registration Packet, describing that year's "Daytime Activitites" schedule: "Explore Lookout Mountain. This scenic high point of the Ochoco Mountains is nearly 7,000 ft. high. It is less than 1/2 hour from the site on paved roads. It features three mining ghost towns, deep coniferous forests, and several good trails. Organized tours will be led to Lookout Mountain, frequency dependent upon interest." (we went once).... I hope to add some of the pictures from that trip during this winter (2005-2006).... What is quite startling to me was that at OSP 2005, I was asked by a couple people who remembered this hike, "why" wasn't I leading hikes for OSP anymore? So maybe OSP 2006 might see a Hike Revival; I plan to talk with the OSP committee about possibly adding this type of daytime activity back into the event's attractions.

OSP 1993 248 people

248 Persons and one famous dog, Tycho. This is the most people we have yet come sit for an OSP Group Photo! (as of OSP 2016). Rob Brown himself is hanging onto the left side of "his" Tree..... WE SURVIVED OSP 1993-- '93 featured a horrendous night full of severe thunderstorms and record-breaking heavy rains that caused many vehicles to become mired in mud. In this Saturday picture, the survivors are happy to see the clouds finally going away and the ground starting to dry up and firm up! The event was so memorable that T-shirts and coffee mugs were made commemorating the event!

Russ Johnson trudges through the OSP dust on his way to discover what the heck
is in his OSP lottery/door prize boxDoor Prizes!

1992 was when the grand tradition of OSP Door Prizes began! Here's one of the first winners, Russ J. (who was also a winner for his ATM efforts at Table Mountain Star Party earlier that same year). To his left is a grinning Chuck Dethloff, and also the team of Garett and Candace (she's hiding half behind Russ, trying to keep track of all the gift-giving. Unbeknownst to Candace, this Door Prize thing is destined to expand into a mega-role for her in future OSPs!).

Click to see Incredible Door Prize of 2001


More About Rob's Tree. The '92 and '93 OSP Group photos above feature "Rob's Tree," which was cut down by assumed vandals sometime between OSP 1995 and OSP 1996. But Rob's Tree is still fond in the memories of those who attended the first few years at our new Indian Trails site. To the left is a picture of "LT," it's replacement, which has an interesting story all its own. Please click the picture or this link to learn the story of LT!


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