..Child absorbing forest fire lookout heritage near Ochoco Ranger Station, Crook County

Two years after I took these pictures, with the help of the lookout person manning Mt. Pisgah, I viewed historic photos from 1931, showing that at that time the Black Mtn. lookout "tower" was a "tree tower." In other words, each day the lookout climbed a lofty ladder up a huge ponderosa pine and sat on top on a little open platform all day! At night, he slept on the ground in a cozy cabin such as the one displayed here. If my maps don't lie, Black Mountain is a 5300 ft. peak about 9 air miles SE of Mt. Pisgah. Viewers are invited to email so that the history of this particular lookout might be fleshed out more completely. brucej@oregonphotos.com


That's all old wood-burning, stove/oven in the foreground.

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