Saab Maintainance and Repair Heroes of Oregon

Rod Beckner of the Salem/Albany area

Pictured is the former personal car of Scott Nelson, owner of GoSaab of Philomath, who serviced several of my Saabs from 1995-2012. Currently, they are not accepting new customers. The custom Saab pictured began as a 1993 9000 CSE 5 speed. It's now owned by this writer's son, Russ, in Oregon City. He loves the custom paint job, the custom front end and especially the little knob below the radio that allows him to adjust the turbo boost! Russ maintains a site about Saab 9000 tuning and other performance-related things:

Scott famously said, "We love Saabs and we take good care of their owners"....

Rod Beckner SAAB

My other main Saab mechanic over the years has been Rod Beckner, based a bit south of Salem in a small town named Jefferson. There is his shop and next to it, the largest Saab-only "boneyard" of wrecked and discarded Saabs in the Northwest. Rod's phone number is 541-327-1133. Much more about him is found on this page:

More about Rod Beckner SAAB

I have recently published a small nostalgic book about Saab, based in part on pictures of vintage rusting Saabs in Rod's Saab "boneyard." As an eBook it can be found on Apple here:, or as a print book here:, or contact me:

I have owned several Saabs, and the material below is my appreciation to the dedicated independent Saab mechanics of the Willamette Valley. Rod Beckner and Scott Nelson are the two main Saab mechanics that I have used. Some other independent Oregon SAAB mechanics are Rick Wolf, John Collins, and Jack Ashcraft and his son Mark. Here you can Skip To a Listing of Saab shops in Oregon that I have heard good things about. This includes a recommended shop for routine oil and filter changes if you're in the Portland area.

I've been blessed with custom Saab Care at reasonable rates by Saab Specialists. The two that I have used the most are Scott Nelson and Rod Beckner (for more on Rod, and on the culture and ethic of Saab ownership, click here; this will also take you to information about John Collins, a specialist in older Saabs). In terms of good sources for those wonderful used Saabs, I purchased my first Saab 9000 from a dealer in John's Landing of Portland, the Freeman Motor Company; they specialed in fine used European vehicle-- Rod Beckner tells me that a rather large percentage of the Saabs he works on have Freeman somewhere in their pasts! More about Scott Nelson is below:

"If your car was an airplane, would YOU fly in it?"

That was Scott in 2010. He's so quotable sometimes. He isn't just alluding to the beginnings of SAAB-SCANIA as a jet airplane building company! It's about YOU sinking dollars into the maintainance of your vehicle... Scott, owner of IgoSaab, says, "No Saab too old for us to help!" ...With Scott, there is always lots of friendly Saab advice.

When I met Scott several years ago he was driving a 96 red Aero, and his son drove a hot-rodded 85 900 Turbo. Many of his customers have more than one Saab in their family! More recentlhy, at the beginning of 2010, I saw that Scott's got TWO Saab 9000 "Project Cars" that he's rebuilding so he and his son can race them in a big rally-type event down in California!

Meet Scott and his son Zach

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Custom Paint & mechanical for your BMW or other motorcycles

Check out Scott's Motorcycle Mystery Tours. See Hotel California!


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Visit a great Saab site that offers a wide selection of well-priced Saab parts, as well as a free tech email for answers about your Saab mechanical troubles! . Try it soon! A second long-time favorite of mine is THE SAAB NETWORK, at, which also has used Saabs for sale. Finally, another terrific SAAB website full of current information about the fate of SAAB automobiles is


Amazingly, although Saab as a carmaker is dead, it is a big international company heavily involved in "Defense and Security," seemingly building off of their original heritage as a jet fighter supplier to the Swedish Air Force as "SAAB SCANIA."-- See it here: Amazing current businesses of SAAB! --- Click the picture below! About this picture: it's of a circa 1965 Saab 96 at peace in Rod Beckner's Willamette Valley wrecking yard near Jefferson.


Visit the nationally-based Saab Network, which is a virtual potpourri of everything imaginable related to both old and new Saabs. Don't miss their extensive library of frequently-asked Saab maintainance questions.

Safe, sporty, sensible. iGoSaab keeps them running


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