Northern Oregon Cascades

This region of Oregon's snow-capped Cascade range brings to mind Oregon's highest peak, 11,245 ft. Mt. Hood, and world-famous Timberline Lodge. The region also includes Oregon's second tallest peak, 10,496 ft. Mt. Jefferson, which lies 50 miles to the south.

Climbing Mt Hood's popular south side route with Mazama friends (below)

Exciting climbing with the Mazamas on Oregon's highest peak, Mt. Hood1b

Mazama Climbers on the Hogsback at about 10,500 ft.

Click here to find out more about the Mazamas, Oregon's largest climbing climb.

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Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood, Oregon Digital photography for sale

Dreamscape: This starry image began with an image of Mt. Hood's relatively unknown north face after the solo photographer spent an inspired night at 8,000 feet on the windy margin of a glacier. The stars wheeled overhead in crystal perfection while the glaciers glowed softly in response. * Note: this image is digitally manipulated and should not be construed as other than an artistic representation of that perfect night.

Mt. Jefferson

Mt Jefferson is a most imposing glacier and rock climb, and the approach marches to it, unlike Mt. Hood, are long and strenuous.

Image 2b (below left).... Secret Tarn high above Jefferson Park--- a gem free of ice only once every few years, so most never glimpse its rare beauty. This tarn lies 65 trail miles south from Timberline Lodge along the Pacific Crest Trail.

2b This hidden tarn on Park Ridge has been one of the photographer's most sold images 3b 4b click this link to a Table Rock Wilderness panorama

Image 3b. "A Walk on the Edge." Climber on the Whitewater Glacier with Mt. Hood to the north.

Image 4b. Mt. Jeffereson's west side in June. A view seldom glimpsed by most Willamette Valley residents, due to the many obstructing lower ranges. Here seen in this view across the canyon of the Mollala River near Table Rock Pk. in the Table Rock Wilderness east of the town of Mollala.

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