Helicopter above the spectacular reds and blues of the Na Pali Coastline Na Pali Coast

Out the Window

My first helicopter ride was a ride as though in a dream, but still so vivid months later! The Na Pali Coastline and Na Pali State Park lie beneath our blades. 2,000 feet below is a tour boat, the other extremely popular means of touring this otherwise staggeringly rugged and inaccessible area of Kauai.

please enjoy "Brazil" midi

The Honopu Valley meets the Pacific in a rich scene of tropical sea, white beach, red textures, sounding waterfall, and a mystery gateway to its sister beach. Nearby are heiau, and the maps tell of this area as the "Valley of the lost tribe."





The lost tribe surely enjoyed the tasty luau wild pig in their luaus. This speedy and potentially dangerous pig thrives on this drier section of Kauai around the Na Pali Coast and uplands.


Magic Waters and Coral Reefs

Kee Beach is spotlighted in bright sunlight in the center of picture. It marks the end of the road on the north side Highway around Kauai. After Kee, you must hike a very steep, mucky, rugged trail past the Bali Hai peaks to reach the next beach. This picture highlights the vast, living body of this area's coral reefs, which have been highlighted by means of color adjustments . Look elsewhere in this site for my fanciful "Chickens on the Beach," taken at Kee Beach.

Please click image above for more images from our Bali Hai Helicopter, including the Forbidden Island of Niihau.

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