Southern Kauai and Poipu Beach

Southern Kauai and Poipu Beach

If Polihale and Waimea and Lihue and Princeville and Hanalei and Na Pali and Mt. Waialeale are the spectacular wonders and major place names of Kauai, then what is the Poipu Beach area?

To me, it is like Home. Its small towns and shops and assorted resorts have the creature comforts one wants to return to day after day, along with a beneficent sunny climate and magnificent beaches. My youngest son was just turning three when "Baby Beach" (Poipu Beach Park) became his favorite spot. That's him and his grandpa just east of Baby Beach, and, yes, the water really is that rich, wonderous colour.

Grandfather and grandson relax on a wonderful beach in the Poipu area of Kauai

Nearby to "Baby Beach" is the Embassy Poipu, which the literature claims to classify as

"A Resort of Distinction"

Night walks on the Resort grounds, even at 3am, were just as memorable as daytime scenes such as the one above. Underfoot you'd have the Bufo toads, around you the balmy air and trade winds puffing the palms. No gnats, mosquitos, no-seeums or other flying pests disturbed your contemplation. Overhead pure black skiies were full of sights like the constellation Orion rising in great brillance, but oddly sideways compared to what Mainland Northerners like myself are accustomed to! Embassy Poipu. Embassy Resort Poipu, Kaua'i.

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Embassy Poipu Pool with palm trees and Hoary Head beyond

Hoary Head Ridge shows behind the main pool area at the Embassy Poipu Luxury resort.

Embassy Poipu at Poipu Beach and nearby to Koloa, or Koloa Town

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