Nate happy on
Polihale seashore

Lonely beach on the edge of the Western Forever Sea, are you a place of rebirth or of death?

I'm told that Polihale is a place of Hawaiian souls departing to join the Ancestors, yet it seems as likely that souls arrive here, too, and find Polihale a place of rebirth and welcome.


and Mom running on the edge of the western Pacific shores

Running to greet the mystery


Surf Play

Pure water is a hallmark of these Pacific waters so far from major industrial blight. After an afternoon in the surf at Polihale Beach, the male surfers among us left the water and limped awkwardly toward the beach showers, our swimming suit pockets bulging to the point of breaking with impossibly weighty wads of water-rammed sand. The hydraulic power of the Ocean as it reshapes the world is not often appeciated quite so graphically and in such a personal fashion.

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