Evans Well. Frozen, 1976

High Desert Ghost towns and old barns like Evans Well in Central Oregon

It is a peculiarity of the Oregon High Desert, days like this. A warm sun in midday, the dry grasses and distant hills appearing but little different than midsummer. Then you happen upon that rarity of rarities, open water in the desert, and it is a dry teat, unusable to livestock, hard-frozen all day through, evaporating slowly away into the air, a dream like water on Mars.

A few miles away is a remote sensing weather station named for Horse Ridge; the station often records the coldest minimum temperatures in Oregon; eg. October 9, 2017, with a morning low of only 6 degrees F (but an afternoon high of an astonishing 61).





1999 1976

As these two images eloquently attest, a lot of love has been given to renewing Evans Well since the image on the right was taken one bleak winter day in 1976. Note that the grinding wheel has been taken out of its original building and thoughtfully restored. Any readers who can share more of the story of Evans Wells' revival are welcome to use my E-mailer and I'll be happy to add their reports here.

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Lonely Cold barn with an aching wind ripping through its ribs

1976. Cold barn, little shelter here.

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