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On the quiet shores of Wildhorse Lake, he's found, sniffing the air, resting...The air is so pure and silent at 8,400 ft... Peace of mind is easy to find in such a lofty place, and so it is that the Sierra Club's "Biggie Bighorn" takes a well-earned break from his Wilderness Protection efforts, and pauses to savor the scene at the head of Wildhorse Creek, now one of the Steen's three Wild and Scenic Rivers. Above him, his brothers and sisters dance in the dark crags. Below him, the icy creek waters tumble nearly all the way down to the Alvord Desert flats before leaving wilderness protection. His mind drifts to the many memories, he feels fulfilled, his years of work were not in vain.


During a Sierra Club field trip to the Steens in July of 1999, our humble Bighorn's hide was lovingly inscribed with the words and names of many who worked so hard toward the preservation goals. Below are samples from among the 41 signatures.





Biggie came from a very large family, ten children in all, and many of his siblings carried the message of preservation directly to Oregon's Congressional delegation and even to the Governor himself.

Biggie and his siblings were originally the brainchildren of Jill W. and Andrea B., and sewn by Cheri M. They were created from a modified commercial pattern, stuffed, and horns sewn on one memorable night in a Bend, Oregon hotel room.

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