St. Helens, Smoking Crater, June, 1988

.. Winner of Second Place in 2002 Aurora Colony Art Show

Visible are the steaming lava dome within St. Helen's smashed crater, and Spirit Lake, still log and mud-choked eight years after the 1980 eruption.... Mt. Rainier rises to 14,410 ft. on the northern horizon line. (Click here for close-up view of Mt. Rainier)

Note: the above image's resolution has been reduced for purposes of faster loading into your web browser. Image below is a pre-eruption image taken by me in June 1975 from Lookout Mountain (east of Mt. Hood)... The southeast side of St. Helens shows in this view, that was the side that the Shoestring Glacier occupied before it was destroyed by the eruption. This side of the mountain lacked the clean, graceful strato-volcano lines that made the mountain so famous from some of its other angles.



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My Coverage of St. Helens' 2004 Eruption and another picture of the beautiful pre-eruption Mountain

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