Paulina Lake Fishing Morning

The fishing boats came and went
quietly, like ghost ships through the morning mists

Although I am not a fisherman, I can appreciate the quiet beauty of a high mountain lake morning, and the thrill of the Catch. Paulina's water are deep and the clarity is usually very high. Schools of fish were clearly visible drifting through the depths as I floated overhead in a borrowed kayak.... below is a picture taken by my Dad in 1984 which shows the outlet to Paulina Lake. As you can see, the outlet is in the form of a waterfall of considerable height. It's called simply Paulina Falls. ...No known fish can jump this high, and thus it was that when the White Men came, there were no native salmon or trout to eat in either Paulina or East Lake! The Indians who had lived there for so many centuries had had to subsist on other fare!


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