Here are those mightly pioneers who built the Gribble Barn in 1907. (picture taken sometime around mid-winter 1905-1906). The owner of the Barn at the time of its destruction was D. Joe Gribble. His father Andrew was around 13 when he helped build the Barn. In the picture, Andrew is the small boy on the left end of the lower row of people.

We can be sure that the major brainstorm "We need a new dairy barn," came from the patriarch, Albert Gribble. He's the short guy, in the back row, husband of Maggie and father to all 10 of the children in the picture, plus an 11th who arrived in 1907, a second girl to finally balance the abundance of male energy in the family. The Albert
Gribble family was huge and was the major force behind the buidling of the present-day Gribble Barn,
although of course other relatives and neighbors helped raise the barn in 1907

Everyone is standing in front of the two-story frame house which Albert owned. It was located near the present Gribble Barn, approximately 100 yards to the NW of the Barn, and on the other side of the dirt track which was to become modern-day Hwy 170, connecting Canby with points south. The old house stood for many more years, finally being torn down to make way for a newly-contructed Gribble-owned home sometime in the late 1950s (best estimate). That new home is still to be seen as one drives by the Barn.

And here is some dairy cow trivia, in case you aren't from generations of dairymen like the Gribbles, and don't know the value of a good milk cow--- in the 1920s, a dairy cow in Washington State set some world's records, producing an astonishing 16,500 quarts of milk, plus 1,400 pounds of butter per year during her prime. Let's hear a big hurrah for the improbably-named cow "Segis Pietertje Prospect" of Carnation, Washington. I'll bet that one cow wore out whole teams of young boy and girl milkers!

Oregon Trail Pioneers Were Victims of a Climatic "Bait and Switch"


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Link to The Oregonian newspaper's 7-26-2004 interview with D. Joe Gribble about the Barn (this link to the Oregonian's old articles no longer seems to work, but one could query the newspaper directly in person or by phone)



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