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Zeiss Jena Docter Optic Optik of Germany binoculars

Docter roof prism binoculars, the direct descendants of Zeiss Jena, improved and updated in the early 1990's after Dr. Bernard Docter purchased the old Zeiss Jena facilities in Jena, Germany. Currently, Docter has become a worldwide supplier of exotic aspheric optical elements, ie. for expensive HID headlights and also makes fabulous riflescopes, but its incredible binoculars are no longer imported to the U.S. You can find them to purchase at good prices through a firm in The Netherlands called Roskam Optics (click link). These razor-sharp, phase-coated jewels are among the best binoculars in the world. I own a pair of the greenish-armored 8x32 aspherical ones, and am totally pleased, even comparing them against the mid-range ($800) newest Swarovskis, where the Docter's only deficit is being slightly less bright..... For my comparative assessemnt, go here. Update: recently I finally acquired a pair of the 10x40 Asphericals, which are quite rare and hard to find. I'll post something about them in due course. The third binocular in the picture below is a high-quality Hensoldt 8x30 military model, the DF.


Celestron super-spotter, the Celestron 102 spotter has a focal length of 500mm, for F5

The Celestron 102mm Spotter scope is a larger-aperture version of their nearly-classic 80mm F5 widefield refractors. This has a two-inch focuser and a nice price, and OK, but certainly not exceptional, multi-coated optics. It's 1/4x20 tripod blocks mounts it easily to any solid photo tripod. It gives truly wonderful deepsky views of the larger objects like Andromeda Galaxy, and in a very compact, lightweight package.

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