Crater Lake Winter Dawn by M. Hersen

On this page I present two treasures. First, the work of Michel Hersen, a friend of mine with a sense of vision that swiftly brings me to that sense of magic in Nature. Michel has impressive academic credentials in Fine Arts, and that training is everywhere evident in the color and composition of his work. He and I have discussed offering his work for sale here; if interested, please contact me.

Oregon's Painted Hills by Hersen

The second teasure is a glimpse of a bygone era at Crater Lake Park. The year is 1931, the US is falling hard into the grips of the Great Depression. Television was far away in the future, and even radio was just making its presence common in American homes. The map shows the southern terminus of the historic Oregon Skyline Trail (red dotted line). The Skyline Trail was the rough-and-ready predecessor to the modern Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. One interesting feature of the Trail in 1931 is an unlikely coincidence of names. The northern end of the Trail at that time was the town of "Government Camp" on Mt. Hood's southern slopes, while near the southern end of the Trail is seen what appears to be a Park campground by the same name! Other images from the 1931 map can be seen at this link: 1931 Trail Map.



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