The OSP Group Photographer at his leisure at OSP 2005

I'm a great lover of the dry, piney forests of Eastern Oregon, so I nearly always have made my OSP camps as near to a ponderosa pine as I can safely get. But watch out, "widow makers" may lurk overhead-- those are dead branches that can fall down and cause serious injury. If there are any significant dead limbs overhead, I go find a better tree to camp under. Also, of course, as I learned in 1993 when "Lightning Tree" was created, camping near a tall tree can be very ill-advised if lightning kicks up! Finally, those ponderosas can be pretty "sappy," and drip gobs of hard-to-remove pitch onto your tent, so maybe you'd rather camp up on the open dust flats? Not me!

Picture credit goes to my son Davin, who snapped this picture of me with a disposable camera, which goes to show that you don't need a $1,000 digital camera for everything!

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