"Of Cougars, Cavemen, and Bigfeet"

To me, Oregon is a place of mythic Creatures and magic places.

The House of Mystery, the Grants Pass Cavemen, thousands of big dangerous cougars roaming the woods, but which are rarely seen.... And always there is the Bigfoot. I recall being especially struck by a documented sighting of that mythic creature which took place near my town in 1989. It happened about 15 air miles east of Oregon City, in a heavily wooded area of the foothills of the Old Cascades. He was seen with vehicle headlights south of Estacada as he darted across FS road 45. His ways are mysterious, and the many Oregon accounts paint him as comfortably nocturnal much of the time.

I wrote of the Bigfoot-Sasquatch controversy in a high school essay many years ago. Re-reading my writing recently, it did not seem dated, so I will include parts of it whenever I can find the time to transcribe it.


Note: this beautifully crafted statue of Bigfoot was on display at the 2005 Clackamas County Fair; note the 6 yr. old boy at Bigfoot's hip! I was told by its maker that soon this statue would be seen by travellers of State Route 22 (Hwy 22, the Santiam Pass Highway). I was told that the statue will be visible from the highway in the small mountain town of Detroit. Watch for it in your travels!

My trail name for PCT travels, and within my Olympia hiking group, is "Yeti." Here I am hugging my namesake in 2018:

Summer 2006; when I visited Detroit this summer in search of Bigfoot, I found a happily married Bigfoot couple instead of the lone giant I had been expecting! The exquisitely carved couple was be-decked with flowers given to celebrate their union by the townfolk. Neither of them was the bigfoot shown at the Clackamas County Fair!

How to see this wedded couple (if it's still being displayed): This grouping is not located where it can be seen from Hwy 22-- you must take the first Detroit turn-off (coming from Salem), and within 100 yards the couple is seen, prominently in front of the Cedars Restaurant and Lounge, beside the door that faces westward.... The maker is Mr. Toby Johnson of Aurora, Oregon--the same carver as the artist who carved the Clackamas Fair bigfoot. He is a Detroit local who now has a shop in Aurora, Oregon. As of 2010, his website is www.tobyjsart.com


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